Priestly Fraternity

One of the great joys of the priesthood in the Archdiocese of Vancouver is the strong fraternity among brother priests.

Twice a year the presbyterate gathers as a whole: in May for their annual retreat, and in November for a week of study and fellowship.

Almost monthly there are study days and days of recollection where several dozen priests come together for prayer, some instruction, opportunity for confession, and a meal together.

Vancouver is the only place in Canada where golf is played year round, so many priests enjoy fraternity while hitting 18 holes. Others enjoy skiing and hiking in the mountains that surround the city (including world class Whistler and Blackcomb mountains).

You can see a list of all active priests in the Archdiocese here.

Source of Bishops

A testament to the health of our presbyterate is the number of bishops who have come from our ranks. Over the past 10 years, five Vancouver priests have been ordained bishops of other dioceses. Two other priests have been made bishops, bringing the total to seven.