Patrick Le

Age: 23

Parish: St. Patrick’s Parish, Maple Ridge

Year: Theology III

Why am I studying to become a priest? I am studying to become a priest because, considering what God has done for me and the path my life has taken, I sense that this is the direction God wants me to take right now. At about 10 years old, I witnessed a miracle in Vietnam which got me to consider the Faith more seriously; I joined the Minor Seminary in Grade 8, and there I continued to discern and to grow in my knowledge and relationship with Christ; I joined the Major Seminary right after High School, and here I am. 🙂

Favourite food: anything exotic/interesting/strange

Favourite sport: wrestling and sparring

Favourite movie: “Les Miserables”

Favourite book: The Breviary, “The Analects of Confucius”, Migne’s “Patrologiae” (I’m sorry for the multiple books…)

Favourite hobby/extracurricular activity before you became a seminarian: playing tag, drawing, making origami

If you could be one superhero, who would you be, and why? Goku, because I like going Super Saiyan.

Favourite quote: Stat Crux dum Volvitur Orbis – “The cross stands firm while the world is turning.”