Kuan Tsai

Age: 18

Parish: Seminary of Christ the King, Mission

Year: Arts I

Why am I studying to become a priest? After being in the seminary for a couple years, I have found a place where the desires of my soul can finally rest in peace. A place where I can grow more fully in maturity, virtues, holiness, and ultimately, in God’s love – to be the man whom God has called me to be. I don’t know 100% if God is calling me to the vocation of priesthood, but I do know that whatever it maybe, it will be the best plan – a plan that will lead me to love, and to be loved. Whether to the vocation of priesthood or marriage, I am willing to give Him the time, the first priority, to see if the path He has laid for me is perhaps to, one day, be a shepherd of His flock, and to bring Him into other people’s lives.

Favourite food: O my~ honestly there’s way too many!! If you love a certain type of food, 99% of chance I would too!!

Favourite sport: Hmmm… It would have to be hockey, basketball, badminton, volleyball, running, and ultimate frisbee! Oops it said sport~ 🤗

Favourite movie: The Passion of the Christ + any action, adventure, or animated movies!!

Favourite book: My diary!! Because in it, it contains the mystery and the journey of how the Father has led me out from the pit of darkness, into the light. Ultimately, his gracious and saving work of love in my life!

Favourite hobby/extracurricular activities before you became a seminarian: Photography, videography, drawing, playing musical instruments, journaling, watching movies, playing sports, hanging out with friends… and more!

If I could a superhero who would I be and why: “I am Groot!” His character is simple yet complex, hilarious, and quite adorable at some stages of his life 😂. When challenge arises, he would always be there to help, even to the point of sacrificing himself for his entire team!!

Favourite quote: “Like the deer that yearns for running streams, so my soul is yearning for you, my God.” – Psalm 42:1