Jeremy Keong

Age: 30

Parish: Christ the Redeemer Parish, West Vancouver

Year: Spirituality Year

Why am I studying to become a priest? Why am I studying to become a priest?: I am still uncertain as to whether or not I am called to the priesthood. But God prompted me this year to trust and listen to Him in a new way by entering seminary. The Spirituality Year will help me to more freely and openly receive God’s grace, and through that, gain clarity about who He wants me to be and how He wants me to share Him with the world. One thing that I know for sure is that God has called me to be here right now. “Trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be” (St. Teresa of Avila).

Favourite food: Sushi. No wait – Carnitas tacos. No wait – Chicken Curry. No wait – Sushi…

Favourite sport: Soccer – although Spikeball is fighting for 2nd place (It’s on ESPN, so it counts).

Favourite movie: The Lord of the Rings (obviously the Extended Editions)

Favourite book: The Screwtape Letters (C.S. Lewis)

Favourite hobby/extracurricular activity before you became a seminarian: My favourite hobbies haven’t changed! Watching movies, hiking, playing music, singing, and cooking

If you could be one superhero, who would you be, and why? Spider-man. As a guy always striving to fight the good fight while dealing with everyday problems, he’s always been my favourite. And forget the wall-crawling and super strength; I relate to him the most because I too turn my Sarcasm Meter up to 11 when I am really nervous or scared for my life.

Favourite quote: “Man can only fully find himself through a sincere gift of himself.” (Gaudium et Spes 24)